34 thoughts on “THE JOVERS

  1. ytshawzam

    I'm amazed to see that they were still performing their incredible act ( however toned down physically) in the 1980s from what I'm used to seeing from when they were frequently on the Ed Sullivan show during the late 1960s — early 1970s. . They were so delightful. An amazing act.

  2. ironman5454

    caryd77: I have no idea why I wrote what I did — reading yours again now I thought that maybe I was responding to someones elses comment and it somehow was inadvertently linked to yours. But seeing how I wrote ''go back to sleep', an obvious crack about your having typed in a string of 'Z's,' its obvious it was meant to be a response to your initial comment. You were even 'classy' in your response to mine (compared to others I've rec'd 🙂 Best I can do is say 'I'm sorry' ….

  3. applessgrape

    I agree with conita527 — we need more of this type of humor. There is another clip on Hulu as part of an Ed Sullivan show (have to watch other vaudeville type acts till about 1/2 way through). Fe Jover's presence, humor and laughter played to Will's superb "straight" man. Such a great combination. Many thanks.

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