The Game Awards 2018 LIVE

The Game Awards 2018 LIVE will feature a number of exciting reveals and announcements. In addition to a roundup of all the world premiere trailers and winners, you’ll be able to catch all of the news as it breaks right here, live on IGN.

Sayonara Wild Hearts Reveal Trailer:

Journey to the Savage Planet Announcement Trailer:

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Reveal Trailer:

Among Trees Reveal Trailer:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Reveal Trailer:

Rocket League McLaren 570S Car Pack Announcement Trailer:

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36 thoughts on “The Game Awards 2018 LIVE

  1. Dutch Van Der Linde

    Ladies n gentlemans Game awards 2018 is joke. Lets start with this Rdr2 got 750milj in first 3days and sold 17milj copies. And to this day i can say the money rockstar has earned is already about 1.5bilj if not more. But how about gow? I dont believe that game earned that much also it wasnt really that intetested if you think it almost was same like last one… Gentlemans We've been robbed but im happy that it wasnt fortshite

  2. Shadow4192008

    GoW and RDR2 are both amazing. However anyone with common sense would know that GoW deserves it more especially when it comes to the gameplay and story. This is exactly what happened back in 2013 with TLOU and GTA V. TLOU won because of it's masterpiece story and gameplay was solid. The main reason why GTA V and RDR2 lost is because of their greedy online, that was their downfall. Also both of their gameplay was just ok. Games are viewed as a whole and both of their onlines was the main reason as to why they both lost. Congratulations to GoW, well deserved.

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