Texas Revolution Song (Shawn Mendes’s «Stitches» Parody)

Everything is bigger in #Texas so Mr. Betts enlisted the help of his siblings Jimothy, Himothy, and the lovely Kimothy to sing about the #TexanRevolution.

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Mexico needed residents
To settle their northern province of Texas
Empresarios like Austin
Come from the US with the Old Three Hundred

Now they know that they must turn Catholic
Learn Spanish and become real Mexicans
Did you think that they’d really do this?
Dream on

Soon Texas has more Americans
In it then it has Tejanos and
The government makes laws to stop this
No more US migrants
Austin asks the General
Santa Anna can Texas be it’s own
Real state, then he is thrown in prison
On the charge of treason

Austin gets free from his prison
And Texas wants to start a revolution
Santa Anna wants a cannon
Held by rebels in Gonzales
They say “Yeah, come and take it”

Rebels win down in San Antonio
In ‘36, Mexicans attack again
Siege the mission called the Alamo

And while the Alamo is falling
Texas leaders they are calling
Now for Texan independence
Declared on March 2nd
Sam Houston is president
Of this new Lone Star Republic
And Houston tells his Goliad troops
To retreat, they’re caught, oops

Remember Goliad
And the Alamo, get mad!
Remember Goliad
Alamo, get mad!
Remember Goliad
And the Alamo, get mad! The Alamo, get mad!

At the Battle of San Jacinto
Texan rebels will defeat those
Mexican troops, Santa Anna quits
Texas is independent
Wants U.S. to annex
Andrew Jackson so no, relax
Enjoy your hard-won independence
Republic of Texas
You won independence
Republic of Texas
You are independent
Republic of Texas


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37 thoughts on “Texas Revolution Song (Shawn Mendes’s «Stitches» Parody)

  1. Benjamin Wainer

    Do Florida. We are the most random state in the country. A bunch of unconquerable Seminoles, some conservative Cubans, a few counties that SUCK at counting votes, all the old people, raccoons and alligators, and also we decide who the President will be. And we also have St Augustine, who has as much history as it does few parking spots.

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