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Pallavi Bani Parvati | Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2017|Krutika Desai|Vipul Mehta

Family members have broken all ties with Pallavi as she works in a dance-bar. Pallavi truly adores her sister Shilpa. Shilpa’s enagement gets called off by her in-laws when they get to know about Pallavi’s profession. Before Pallavi overcomes grief caused by this incident, she ends up witnessing a murder. To save Pallavi’s life, police… Read More »

Vaat Bahar Jaay Nahi — Now in HD| Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak — Siddharth Randeria | Tejal Vyas

To enhance viewers’ experience, now we present this drama in HD. VAAT BAHAR JAAY NAHI After 50 years of marital life, Pranjivandas (Siddharth Randeria) confesses all his wrong doings before his wife. He admits his clandestine acts of gambling, drinking and even an attempt to commit adultery. This confession leads to hilarious accusations and counter-accusations… Read More »

Mari Wife Mari Kom- Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak 2017- Sanjay Goradia

Mari Wife Mari Kom Marriage is like a chewing gum. When you start chewing, it is full of sugar. As the time passes by, sweetness disappears. Eventually, it becomes tasteless and you don’t know whether to spit it out or just keep chewing. Boxing champion Megha is fed up with her husband Chandu’s (Sanjay Goradia)… Read More »

Pappa Mara Public LTD| Superhit Double Meaning Gujarati Comedy Natak 2017 | Dinyar Contractor |

The Chief of Crime Branch Mr. Gayomas Chaiwala (Dinyar Contractor) has come to investigate the crimes taking place in hotel & hospital owned by Big Bang International Group. While he is probing employees of the hospital, long lost girl-friend of Dr. Driver visits hostpital and informs him that he is father of her 17 year… Read More »

Parke Paise Lilalaher | Best Gujarati Comedy Natak |Vipul Vithalani | Amit Bhatt |Dinyar Contractor

Aspiring Actor Siddharth (Vipul Vithlani) does not have any other source of income. He pursues astrology as a profession. One day he bumps into underworld Don who forces him to make a prediction. Coincidentally, his prediction comes true. Don becomes his disciple and seeks his astro-advice before every task. CBI believes Siddharth to be Don’s… Read More »

Sanjay Goradia Hasya Manch Vol. 5 : Best Comedy Scenes Compilation from Superhit Gujarati Natak

«Watch hilarious comedy scenes of Sanjay Goradia. The best and funniest scenes selected from his superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak will make you burst into hysterical laughter. Keep watching – keep laughing! Comedy scenes from Aa Namo Bahu Nade Chhe, Khara Chho Tame, Aa Kokila Nu Kaieenk Karo, Rupiya Ni Rani Ne Dolariyo Raja, Kahu Chhu… Read More »

Ek Bhool Wonderful (એક ભૂલ વન્ડરફૂલ) | Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2017 |Ali Raza Namdar

Rasik(Ali Raza) plays the role of a male chauvinist. He ill-treats his wife, sister and mother. To teach him a lesson, Goddess Ambe Maa makes him experience all the problems and hardships (including pregnancy) which women go through. એક ભૂલ વન્ડરફૂલ રસિક(અલીરઝા નામદાર) પુરુષ-પ્રાધાન્યમાં માનનારો એક અહંકારી પુરુષ છે. તે પત્ની, બહેન અને માતા પર… Read More »

Mane Koi Roko Ma | Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak 2017| Imtiaz Patel |Ashish Bhatt |Manisha Purohit

A married couple — Anand (Ashish Bhatt) and Shobha have been fighting with each other for the last 14 years. Shobha is not happy with her husband’s income. One day, they have a verbal dispute and Anand dares Shobha to earn at least Rs. 5,000 a month. Not to be undermined, Shobha takes up the… Read More »

Mummy Mari Yamuna Ame Ena Namuna | Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak 2017 | Rupa Divetia

Loving parents leave no stone unturned to bring up their child with utmost care and affection. When kids grow up, they do not even realize as to what their parents will go through when they betray them for their property and abandon them. However, in this play, heartbroken mummy Yamnua decides to teach greedy son… Read More »