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My Best and Funniest 2018 Horror Pranks

We are now entering 2019 but let’s look back at my best and funniest reactions from my horror transformations. Last year. I dressed up as Pennywise, Michael Myers, Valak, and many more to attend invitations from conventions and screenings. Every event is fun and memorable and I hope there will be more this 2019. To… Read More »

Just Kidding — The RUN! | HD

That slumber party, wasn’t fun… 💻❣️Thanks for Watching ❣️🖥 ●Like 👍 :- If you smiled! ●Subscribe 👆 :- if you’d want to again! ●Click the bell 🔔 :- to be the first viewer! 🔘✅ Get Connected to Me ✅🔘 📲 Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/SaadShafique… 📲Google + :- https://plus.google.com/u/0/108527955… 🤘Stay tuned and Keep smiling 👅 ~Give your… Read More »

THE NONE OFFICIAL TRAILER | 恶搞鬼修女 · The Nun Trailer Parody

Actor Instagram: AhJie WenWangYe: ahjie1996 Ailie Chai: ailiechai Pennie Chai: penniechainienie AhBoon: ahboon___ Bl3kz: bl3kz 欢迎粉丝点击订阅关注我们然后到下面留言给我们宝贵的意见… 文王爷Facebook官方粉丝群: http://www.facebook.com/WenWangYe 文王爷Facebook私人账户: http://www.facebook.com/ahjie96 Youtubers Family Malaysia官方群: http://www.facebook.com/YoutubersFamilyMalaysia Instagram: ahjie1996 TikTok ID: WenWang0428 For Business, please email to ahjie960428@gmail.com source

THE NỨNG (The Nun Parody) — Trailer phiên bản «RẺ TIỀN»

Nabee xin chân thành cảm ơn những «diễn viên» đã đóng góp vào sản phẩm này : Valak : Tui, Dorie Sơ Irene : Mel Mục sư : Vĩnh Hằng Bức tường trắng & những mặt phẳng liên quan : Chubby Frenchie : Kero Quay phim, Edit : Tùn ———————————————————————————— Mọi người theo dõi stream… Read More »

The Conjuring 2 — VALAK (Parody)

VIDEO BLOG PART 62 : The Conjuring 2 Parody (Sabahan) SABAHAN PARODY: parody sabahan video pasal the conjuring 2, selepas satu geng kawan tengok cer hantu conjuring, tiba2 hantu VALAK tu keluar dari movie kacau diorang d hostel. soo, siapa yang ckp besar biasanya kena la. huhu. follow me on twitter;- www.twitter.com/aidylsyaqirul find me on… Read More »


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