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Funny WET Fart Prank!! Massive Sharter Saturday S1• Ep.50!!!!!

This episode took me 2 weeks to film and I hope you guys enjoy it!! Hit that like and subscribe button if you haven’t yet. Typewriter video is going to finally be out Tuesday!! Follow me for more!! Snapchat- GilstrapTV Instagram- GilstrapTV Twitter- GilstrapTV PlayStation Network- GilstrapTV If you want your very own sharter go… Read More »

BALE TELIPALE 6 — Ep 17 | MASKIRI KUDLA | Tulu Comedy Jokes

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Je piège houria avec un faux rat elle pleure haha Like et abonne toi 😉 PRENEZ VOS BILLETS POUR LE LIKETOUR sur le lien suivant : https://www.like-tour.com/ Boutique _ Unity : http://www.unityforlife.shop Merci à : maissa https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS1ub-iBQZoawN03xPutTkg houria https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_adkW-69dgc2PlDd1a5WUw Nourhène : @nourhocini sur insta https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCejhMO-djiqAeLMIlsH04lg —————————————-­­—————————————­-­————— 👉 Twitter : https://twitter.com/JuniorTVine 👉 Instagram : https://instagram.com/JuniorTVine 👉… Read More »

Man Thong Prank on the Escalator!!

You guys decided on the Man Thong prank last week when I had you guys decide on which video you wanted so here it is! Let me know if you have any suggestions for another thong prank if you like it as a prop. If you enjoyed the video be sure to hit the like… Read More »

O nome dela é Jenifer — Minecraft Animation (Expludiu com a TNT) — Parody

▶ HOJE TEMOS A PARÓDIA DO MEME O nome dela é Jenifer — Minecraft Animation (Expludiu com a TNT) — Parody O CONTEÚDO DESSE CANAL É 100% FAMILY FRIENDLY E LIVRE PARA TODAS AS IDADES!!! ====================================================== ▶ INSCREVA-SE NO CANAL: https://goo.gl/kadBjJ https://goo.gl/kadBjJ https://goo.gl/kadBjJ ====================================================== ▶💙Quer conversar comigo, me convidar para um evento ou propor alguma… Read More »

LOL ComediHa! Comedy tv show S2 EP 13

Lol 🙂 is a real funnny tv show of a great quality. The skits are funnier one than the other, the settings are gorgeous and the actors are extraordinary. Lol 🙂 est un show de télévision extrêment drôle et d’une qualité exceptionnel. Les sketchs sont hillarants , les décors fabuleux et les acteurs sont formidables.… Read More »


This prank was showed on Brazilian TV Show «Silvio Santos» (Silvio Santos, real name Senor Abravanel, is the TV owner and the presenter who laugh in off) last Sunday night and became a world hit and a classic. A must-see prank. Don’t forget to visit my channel about Brazil to see much more! source