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Q AN0N: Latest Posts — «This is not a game.»

Q AN0N: Latest Posts — «This is not a game.» PATREON: www.patreon.com/justinformedtalk source

1.15 — Future Proves Q/BIG WEEK/Fake News Awards ‘Game Plan’

DTI Imgur (will be updating over the day) — https://destroyingtheillusion.imgur.com/all/ Today’s links Q’s 8chan Board — https://8ch.net/greatawakening/res/1.html Bill Clinton Triggered, Denies Clinton Foundation’s Haiti Funds Were Used For Chelsea Wedding — https://goo.gl/swhLen Delta flight evacuated due to smoke at JFK Airport — https://goo.gl/WQyzcE Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to leave Disney’s board over potential conflict of interest… Read More »