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Kodjo Akolor Kodak Color humor why low prices,they use minicalculators,Donald Duck dead joke prank

Kodjo Akolor Kodak Color humor clean no VERY dirty vulgar jokes pranks why are prices so low,they use minicalculators,Donald Duck is dead joke prank,waffle iron in businessmeeting,Kodjo Akolor. I will tell you jokes here. Theese stories have nothing to do with me, I just read them in the front of the camera, I have not… Read More »

Just For Laughs — 10 Funniest Pranks (1)

Video Editing — Km Music All Videos is from Just For Laughs Channel 1) 00:00 Shoe Phone Prank 2) 01:54 Funny Deep Soup Tasting Joke 3) 02:57 Sexy Seducing Cashier 4) 04:18 Jesus Carries The Cross Prank 5) 05:32 Hot Girl Steals Wallets 6) 07:03 Gorilla Baby Gag 7) 08:04 Crazy Dancing Cops 8) 09:58… Read More »

3 Most Epic Pranks Ever!

🌮 TacoTribe Designs — https://teespring.com/stores/tacotribe I played the most epic pranks ever on Clay this week! Like & Subscribe for more! GOT EM! Sign up for ‘the Weekly Taco’ email newsletter! http://bit.ly/TheWeeklyTacoSignUp ———————————- OTHER CHANNELS — gaming http://youtube.com/ryanholmesgames SOCIAL MEDIA — twitter http://twitter.com/helloryanholmes instagram http://instagram.com/helloryanholmes facebook http://facebook.com/itsryanholmestv Snapchat — @helloryanholmes LIVE EVENTS — younow http://younow.com/taco… Read More »


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