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THE FUNNIEST BUSHMAN SCARE PRANKS EVER — The Bushman Prank — S05E14 — BushWeek 2017 —

Its Bushweek 2017 here at Ryan Lewis Videos and we are releasing multiple Scary Bushman Prank videos daily! I think this marks #5 for today unless I lost track of all the Bushman Prank Videos I have released today. Enjoy this Las vegas Bushman Scare prank video. The Bushman Prank — S05E14 — BushWeek 2017… Read More »

OLD MAN BREAKDANCE PRANK!!! ft. D-TRIX | Prank Academy | Episode 6

With makeup, clothing, and a cane, we help disguise D-Trix, our Prankster, as a senior citizen. D-Trix then surprises people on Hollywood Boulevard when he suddenly transforms from a stumbling old man into an amazing dancer! In the finale, Jeana (dressed as his nurse) pushes him in a wheelchair to “watch” his boys Quest Crew… Read More »

TERRIFYING CRANE PRANK ON JESSE!!! | Prank Academy | Episode 3

In this episode, Jeana calls upon master pranksters, Jukka and Jarno, two of the guys from The Dudesons to help her pull off an extremely elaborate prank on Jesse! They teamed up on making Jesse believe that they were going to be pranking the other two Dudesons, HP and Jarpi, who were never even coming!… Read More »

STOLEN SONG LYRICS PRANK!!! | Prank Academy | Episode 2

Guest Prankster, Charles Trippy, pranks his buddy and fellow band member, Travis Clark, from the band We The Kings. Jesse and Jeana bring them into a guitar showroom to find a random person who just so happens to be singing a mock of the band’s first hit “Check Yes Juliet,” which is an original song… Read More »


In this episode, we send our Prankster, Miranda Sings, out to a speed dating event where she searches for her Bae! After many awkward encounters with unsuspecting guys who are just looking for love, Miranda decides that she has found “the one!” YouTube Red Original Series https://www.youtube.com/red?acc=75MRPABDD3SV Featured in this episode: Miranda Sings https://www.youtube.com/user/mirandasings08 Follow… Read More »

EPIC FIGHT PRANK!!! Ft. iiSuperwomanii | Prank Academy

In this episode, our guest Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman, pranks a group of restaurant goers who think they are about to shoot a commercial. Before they know it, a fight breaks out and quickly escalates between many people. Lilly jumps in to save the day, smashing chairs, plates, and making the perfect exit! YouTube Red… Read More »

HAUNTED ROOM PRANK!!! | Prank Academy

Our guest Prankster, Louis Cole, pranks several YouTube creators by making them believe that he returned from one of his travel journeys with an artifact said to be “cursed.” After inviting YouTubers to hang out, Louie makes an excuse to leave the room, while his victims are left alone with the haunted souvenir. Soon after,… Read More »


Our guest and fellow Prankster, Vitaly, joins us as we prank people in a supermarket parking lot. We each take turns on crutches as we struggle with grocery bags full of raw meat. We get shoppers to help carry the raw meat to our mangled van. What the shoppers don’t know is that when they… Read More »


BushMan Prank — Funny Video!!! Best Prank! This is part of BushWeek 2017 where there are multiple videos each day till Sunday! I hope you enjoy the Scared dancers at the end! I am enjoying this season of Bushman Scare Prank! Watch Ryan Lewis as he scares the crap out of unsuspecting visitors to the… Read More »

HUMAN STATUE PRANK!!! | Prank Academy

We team up with makeup artist Lex Fleming and our buddy Nick Santonastasso to pull off a unique statue prank. Lex disguises Nick to appear as if he were naturally one of the statues in Union Square Park, while Nick surprises patrons as they realize he is indeed a real person! YouTube Red Original Series… Read More »