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Home Invasion Robbery Prank | Worst Friend Ever

While entering a local prank competition, this dude decides he’s going to scare the shit out of his buddy by pretending someone robbed his house…and the robber is still in it. Check out his hilarious reaction. PRNKS is YouTube’s channel for the best pranks around. If you like pranks, prank fails, need prank ideas, or… Read More »

Family Pranks…The HOUSE IS ON FIRE!

We are returning this year with all new prank war videos with a new series we are going to call Family Pranks. On these episodes you will find a huge prank war going on between my wife and I as well as our children. I’m sure you will even get to see videos of our… Read More »

TOP SCARY PRANKS! Incredibly cruel & evil jokes on people

A compilation of the most cruel and incredible rallies over people! Top scary funny pranks draws, jokes, fringes! Shock TV is a channel that will really surprise you, make you laugh and really shock. If you are tired of boring tops with pictures, then you will definitely like our channel, on which you will find… Read More »

Best Fake Reporter Prank in Pakistan | Allama Pranks | Lahore TV |India|UK|UAE|KSA|USA

Lahore TV presents best pranks, comedy, fun, entertainment, information and news. #fakereporterprank #allamapranks #totla source

Best Ever Gym Prank of The World | Allama Pranks | Lahore TV | Pakistan | India | UK | KSA | UAE

Lahore TV Presents best pranks, comedy, fun, entertainment, information and news. #best #gym #prank source