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Best comedy scenes — Dil (1990) Movie — Aamir Khan — Madhuri Dixit — Anupam Kher

Dil is the story of Raja and Madhu whose innocent love story is wrecked by the egos of their prejudiced fathers. Raja is the son of Hazariprasad, a scrap vendor while Madhu is the daughter of Mr. Mehra, a wealthy industrialist. Raja’s father pretends to be a rich businessman before Madhu’s dad but his lies… Read More »

Aanchal Munjal Hot kiss in Dil Buffering !!!

Gardiner Harris’s recent piece in The New York Times made me do a double take, not just because of the attachment of the word “bombshell” before Katrina Kaif, which to me is somewhat like using “razor sharp” as the defining adjective for President George W. Bush, but because of the cultural “Rubicon crossing” significance attributed… Read More »