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Game Grumps — The Best of SKYWARD SWORD

O-OH MY GOD most of the time I was watching this I was also playing Breath of the Wild with the sound off and the juxtaposition almost melted my brain. This compilation covers the original 51 episodes, streams have a different vibe to them (and picture quality) so mixing them together would be a little… Read More »

Game Grumps — The Best of GIRLY GRUMPS

EPISODE LIST IN DESCRIPTION Arin and Danny (and friends) celebrate my 100th compilation (!!!) by getting THEIR GURL ON…mostly by playing a bunch of awful and patronizing videogames 1 — Disney Princess PART 1 2 — All Star Cheer Squad PART 1 3 — Barbie Dreamhouse Party 4 — Petz Horse Club PART 1 5… Read More »

Danny & Arin’s Playful Remarks & Comments PART 1 — Game Grumps Laughter Compilation

This compilation features Arin & Dan’s laughter moments when they comment on the games they’re playing. Just the two of them, in their natural voices being awesome and hilarious. i.e. the stuff besides characters/voices/noises, which are also awesome and hilarious, and can be found elsewhere on my channel. As always, subscribe to Danny & Egoraptor,… Read More »