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Markiplier Try Not To Laugh Challenge #13 Reaction

LAZYJAMIE MERCH FINALLY HERE: https://teespring.com/stores/lazyjamie LazyJamie reaction to Try Not To Laugh Challenge #13. Subscribe for daily reaction videos on what you want! Join the Lazy Crew today! Original video: Watch next: «BTS Speaking English Reaction (English Speakeu with BTS) #3 » http://bit.ly/2qGbbBb If you’re reading this, comment «PIZZA», it’ll confuse anyone who doesn’t see… Read More »

KILL WIZ (Kill Bill/Wizard of Oz Parody) | Reverse Ratings

What if The Wizard of Oz Was Rated R? Watch behind the scenes on FBE2! SUBSCRIBE THEN HIT THE 🔔! New Videos 2pm PST on FBE! http://goo.gl/aFu8C Watch More Reverse Ratings: https://goo.gl/zGOhj3 Dorothy is out for revenge in the R Rated Wizard of Oz/Kill Bill mash-up parody episode of Reverse Ratings! Note: Due to YouTube… Read More »

BAD BABY PLAYS w/ POOP DIAPER! No Doodie in BALL PIT SHAWN! (FUNnel Vision House Flood Pt 2 Update)

Here is our 2nd part vid of Our House Flooded 2017 vlog. We got our new Washer and Dryer delivered but the Washer was damaged so they took it back, 15 minutes later, NO LIE, we discovered Shawn was playing with his poopy diaper after he awoke from his nap. He wasn’t making any noise… Read More »


This week, we discuss a new Judge Judy show, puppies visiting the office, Lucas the Spider, Snapchat, and of course get to tons of fan segments! FOLLOW US ON TWITCH!!! — https://www.twitch.tv/fbelive | DISCORD — https://discord.gg/9Uhz72P WATCH OUR NEW SHOW ON FACEBOOK! Reverse Ratings — https://goo.gl/iLgDER SUBSCRIBE & hit the 🔔 ! New Come Up… Read More »

4 SCARY KILLER CLOWNS IN THE WOODS ON HALLOWEEN! Mean Dad Pranks Kids (FUNnel Vision Scare Cam Cry)

Lex & Mike, Daddy is so sorry! We’ll never do something that scary to you again! Please forgive me/us. We should have done something not as mean like Hey Jimmel Kimmel I told my kid I ate all their Halloween Candy instead. Oh well! Ok, now that’s out of the way, what we have here… Read More »

GROSS FOOD BATH CHALLENGE! Messy Fun w/ GROSSERY GANG Toys (FUNnel Vision Puke-Like Buckets)

FUNnel Vision Fam is getting gross with today’s challenge. They have almost 200 Grossery Gang Toys that will be hidden in a bunch of yucky food. Who can find the most in 2 minutes?? Ad for Grossery Gang Grossery Gang Cartoon: Grossery Gang Youtube Channel: The Grossery Gang can be found in Cheap Town, a… Read More »


Well let’s just say we took advantage of all you can eat and drink at the Moon Palace Grand in Mexico because we had a huge Coca Cola Bubble Bath Jacuzzi Spa Challenge of a time! 🙂 It was so much fun but Mommy didn’t find it funny at all! But before Mommy got mad… Read More »

Valentines & B-Day Cakes Jokes and Pranks (FUNnel Vison Vlog)

It’s Baby Shawn’s 1st Valentines Day and he celebrates it with funny faces haha! It’s Heidi’s 15th Birthday and we surprise her with an awesome Sweet Potato Sushi Roll cake and it’s her Dad’s B-day too, the kids call him Pa Pa for those that don’t know and he breaks our chair. Thanks a lot… Read More »

AMERICANS TRY BRITISH CANDY and SODA! Taste Test Fun (FUNnel Vision Kids React)

Lex, Mike and Chase tried some British Candy out last year and we almost forgot about this video! We hope you enjoy the taste test! Thumbs up for taste tests! :)👈 Note: Please don’t be offended if the kids say or don’t like something about these snacks from the U.K. , different people from different… Read More »

Kissing Prank (Gone Sexual) Reaction

In this Reaction Time Episode my friend and I reacted to Prank Invasion kissing pranks. Where all you have to do is play a «quick game» for a «quick kiss». Basically this guy starts making out with these «random girls» and they seem totally fake. I don’t know, what do you guys think? SUBSCRIBE for… Read More »