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My ReView/ReAction to «Funny Halloween Candy Prank»

Hey FanAmals, please do not forget to enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. All you need to do is pick what costume I am going to wear for Halloween. You can only choose 1 costume and it is not a clown, Jason, Meyers or a zombie. I do wear a jacket and I… Read More »

Electric Prank — FUNNY ending

Electric Prank — FUNNY ending just another Funny Prank! two silly friends Pranked that dude but his reaction at the end of this Electric prank is very funny LOL it made me lough more than laughing at the actual prank. but seriously people should stop doing extreme pranks, it’s dangerous, this is not something funny… Read More »

Selling A Brick In The Hood Prank!

Just trying to sell a brick in the hood 😀 hope you guys enjoy, make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more upcoming pranks. Like and share (: Instagram: xDavidx305 jdmsilver Twitter @LaughPrankTv SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! source


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