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Excel Pranks 3 — Halloween Colored Tabs Light Show

Excel Prank for Halloween! Create a Halloween colored light show on your worksheet tabs. http://www.teachexcel.com How to create a macro, that will run every time someone changes the worksheet tab that they are using, that will create a little black and orange light show on the tabs. This is a great prank to pull in… Read More »

I ate your Halloween candy prank

I ate your Halloween candy prank. My kids thought they would wake me up with a bug on my face (which I actually did not know about). However, my wife and I were trying out the «I ate your candy prank» from Jimmy Kimmel. My oldest son Zach caught on quickly but Connor was not… Read More »


AWFULWEEN! AKEEM WILLACY is here! In this Halloween haunted extravaganza we interview the director of the Satanic Temple of San Antonio, get spook advice from the Illinois Ghost Hunters, and a visit from the Puzzlemaster leaves Akeem flabbergasted! http://podawful.com source

My ReView/ReAction to «Funny Halloween Candy Prank»

Hey FanAmals, please do not forget to enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. All you need to do is pick what costume I am going to wear for Halloween. You can only choose 1 costume and it is not a clown, Jason, Meyers or a zombie. I do wear a jacket and I… Read More »

Sminky Shorts: Ghost

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