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Nami Gaya E Gami Gaya — Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2018 — Kalpana Diwan — Sachi Joshi

#natak #GujaratiNatak #ComedyNatak The story revolves around sixty-year old widow Gomti Bhatt and her two sons Vishesh and Rashesh. Vishesh is married to Sarita and they have a son called Deep. Rashesh is in love with Somya. She wants to get married to him. But the minute Rashesh comes to know that he will be… Read More »

Ajab Karamat HD | GUJJUBHAI Siddharth Randeria | Suspense Gujarati Comedy Natak 2018 | Ami Trivedi

#SiddharthRanderia #ComedyNatak #gujjubhai Clever and confident Pramod (Siddharth Randeria) belives that life is a drama and he can make people around him act as per his desires. Little did he know that even an unerring hunter may get caught in his own trap. A story that has unexpected twists and turns – keeps audience on… Read More »

Radharani Mumbai Ni Shethani — Gujarati Family Comedy Natak 2018 — Rajendra Butala, Vaishali Parmar

An interesting story of two cousins- Radha and Nandita who are poles apart despite being brought up in same house. Dhanpat – a rich industrialist from Mumbai considers well-cultured Radha to be ideal bride for his son Kalrav. Greedy Nandita and her cunning mother play a foul game and Kalrav ends up deciding to marry… Read More »

KAHU CHHU SAMBHALO CHHO HD | Sanjay Goradia | Best Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2018 | Amit Divetia

Kahu Chhu Sambhalo Chho is a story of Jaysukhlal’s disintegrated middle-class family comprising of 3 sons and 2 daughter-in-laws. His youngest son Tansukh gets married to Babita from affluent family. Babita’s lavish lifestyle causes jealousy and competition among family members. Jaysukhlal needs to take some initiative to teach them a lesson. To fan the flames,… Read More »

Mr. ADHIKARI | Sanjay Goradia | Best Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2018 | Amit Divetia | Anand Goradia

Judge Mr. Adhikari (Amit Divetia) is a man of principle. He hands over his life-time savings to his son for business. Then comes the day when his son gets arrested for engaging in illegal trade. Willl father compromise his principles to save son? How will son react to father’s decision? To know, watch this sentimental… Read More »

Khara Chho Tame HD | Best Gujarati Comedy Natak FULL 2018 | Sanjay Goradia | Vipul Vithalani

Laxmikant(Sanjay Goradia)’s grandson Shashikant is in love with Jalpa. Fathers of both the love birds can’t stand each other. Somehow, Laxmikant convinces Jalpa’s father for marriage. However, groom’s stubborn father Vinaykant (Vipul Vithlani) neither gives his consent nor attends their wedding ceremony. He asks newly-wed couple to leave his house. Entire family has a tough… Read More »

Babo Aavyo Courier Ma | Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2018| Vipul Vithalani | Hemant Jha

Rasiklal Jobanputra’s wife leaves for her parents’ house. Flirtatious Rasiklal and his two sons Prem and Bunty (Viput Vithlani) are all set to enjoy the freedom. All their plans get ruined when they receive surprise package (baby) through courier. Though the letter accompanying baby states that Jobanputra is baby’s father, it does not mention first… Read More »

MANE PREM CHHE, TANE KEM CHHE? | Best Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2018 | Dharmesh Vyas | Mehul Buch

This play is set in a Mumbai’s chawl and revolves around 3 characters — Hasmukh (Mehul Buch), Jharna (Krima Shah) & Saheb (Dharmesh Vyas). Hasmukh is an honest and ordinary guy who has unexpressed feelings for Jharna. Unaware of Hasmukh’s emotions for her, Jharna longs to marry a successful man with charismatic personality. One day,… Read More »

Halo Maniya Ni Jaan Ma (with Eng Sub-titles) | Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak | Darshan Jariwala

Maniya’s family members are desperate to get him married. After 74 rejections, one girl finally agrees to marry Maniya. However, he needs to impress the prospective bride’s father to seek his consent. So will Maniya succeed? The story has an unexpected twist. To know what life has in store for him, watch the family comedy… Read More »

Prem No Public Issue GUJJUBHAI — Siddharth Randeria — Superhit Comedy Gujarati Natak

Seventy Five year old Vasudev Brahmabhatt Shastri (Siddharth Randeria) is an Ayurvedic expert. He lives with his second wife Daya. He firmly believes that his dead wife Mangu would reincarnate and walk back into his life. Using Tantrik mantras, Vasudev is experimenting to invent a formula to make a person young. His formula works and… Read More »