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Was This a Harmless Senior Prank?

Did this high school prank go too far? Students at Gladstone High School in Oregon celebrated their impending graduation by going into the school early Friday morning and moving hundreds of desks out of classrooms and into the hallways. The seniors also replaced erasers with hot dogs. While many think senior pranks are harmless rites… Read More »

Humble Parody — Normanhurst Boys High School

«At Normo», a parody of the well known some «Humble» by Kendrick Featuring ‘Billionaire’ also sung by Jeremy Contains some inside jokes that may not be understood For those who don’t understand specific references, I will do my best to explain some parts which we are allowed to reveal without breach of any privacy —… Read More »

First-Generation Grads

College graduation season is wrapping up across the country. KPBS education reporter Kyla Calvert brings us the stories of two local grads who are the first in their families to complete a college degree. source