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NEWEST POOTER PRANK: «THE POOTER — Farting at Walmart — How to film pranks» https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKyCSevD6mg —~— My buddy and I were filming in best buy, when all of a sudden, a manager picked up my GoPro and then threatened to delete my footage! I had to call the cops to have them help me. When… Read More »

What’s really going on… (cops, getting arrested, the truth) | Garrett Ginner

I feel like I owe you all an explanation of what’s really going on after Jack’s bridge jumping video. There are good cops and there are bad cops, and when you get bad cops, your «rights» don’t matter. I wanted to be as safe as I possibly could because I don’t know the laws in… Read More »

Prank Call COPS CALLED! GONE WRONG!!! POLICE 911 ON PHONE (Walgreen’s Prank Call) (PRANKS)

★ SkuuWoopNation ★ ★ Prank Call COPS CALLED! GONE WRONG!!! (Walgreen’s Prank Call) ★ ☝»LIKE» This Video For MORE! Thumbs This Video Up! ☝ ▼ Read Full Description ▼ ★ Another PRANK CALL WILL BE UPLOADED NEXT IF THIS VIDEO GETS 1500 LIKES! ★ ★ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ★ ★ Road To 100k Subs!!!… Read More »

THE FUNNIEST BUSHMAN SCARE PRANKS EVER — Bushman Prank Gone Wrong — Las Vegas Cops Called S05E08

Bushman Prank Gone Wrong!! Las Vegas COPS CALLED! My wife is in the suit when a Undercover Las Vegas Police posing as a homeless man calls us in. Las Vegas has cracked down any and all street performers on the strip. They now give out tickets to anyone who fits this description. The strip used… Read More »