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Comedy Nights with Kapil — Sonakshi & Arjun Kapoor — Tevar — 4th January 2015 — Full Episode

The show starts with new furniture in Kapil’s home and a new decor which gives a feel of London. Kapil then welcomes the stars of Tevar, Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha on the stage. After having some fun with the stars, Kapil invites the actor Manoj Bajpai on the stage. Kapil then proceeds to pull… Read More »

Comedy Nights with Kapil — Akshay, Rana & Taapsee — Baby — 10th January 2015 — Full Episode

Today is Doctor’s Special and Kapil welcomes the Doctor of Laughter, Sidhuji. Kapil then asks everyone to give a round of applause for the doctors of India. Kapil then speaks about the difference between the private and government hospitals, and the attitude of the patients in these hospitals. Kapil then says that he has opened… Read More »

Comedy Nights with Kapil — Mallika Sherawat — 21st December 2014 — Full Episode(HD)

The episode opens with Pinky Bua sitting and reading the newspaper. As she is reading the newspaper, Guthi comes there and tells Bua that two young and dangerous dacoits have escaped from the police lock-up. Hearing this, Bua feels very happy and tells Guthi not to fear about anything. As they are speaking, Tusshar Kapoor… Read More »

Comedy Nights with Kapil — Bipasha & Karan — Alone — 28th December 2014 — Full Episode(HD)

The show begins with Kapil welcoming one and all to the show. Kapil then speaks about how everyone blames the Government for each and every problem of theirs. As Kapil is speaking, Dadi and Pinky Bua come on the stage and Dadi tells Bua that she has fixed her marriage. Dadi says that the only… Read More »

Comedy Nights with Kapil — Anil Kapoor — 20th December 2014 — Full Episode(HD)

The episode starts with Kapil coming on stage and welcoming all. Kapil then starts to speak about change but some things never change, and welcomes the evergreen Anil Kapoor on the stage. Kapil welcoming Anil Kapoor on the stage and then speaks about the new season of 24 coming up. Kapil then asks Anil Kapoor… Read More »

Comedy Nights with Kapil — 1000 Week Celebration of DDLJ — 14th December 2014 — Full Episode(HD)

The celebrations of the 1000 week non-stop run of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge continues on Comedy Nights. Today we have almost all the leading actors and actresses of the magnum opus on the stage with Kapil, and they are Farida Jalal (Lajjo), Anupam Kher (Dharamvir Malhotra), Mandira Bedi (Preeti Singh) and Pooja Ruparel (Chutki). Watch… Read More »

Comedy Nights with Kapil — 1000 Week Celebration of DDLJ — 13th December 2014 — Full Episode(HD)

Today is the celebration of the completion of 1000 weeks of a continuous run of the greatest romantic movie of all times in Bollywood, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. The show opens with Shahrukh Khan aka Raj of DDLJ coming on the stage and shares his experiences during the making of the magnum opus. After a… Read More »

Comedy Nights with Kapil — Chetan Bhagat — 7th December 2014 — Full Episode(HD)

Kapil starts the show by talking about bills which we get now-a-days and as he is talking a person from the electricity department walks in, and tells Kapil that his bill is pending from the last three months and threatens to disconnect the electricity. Kapil tries to reason with the person but the person refuses… Read More »