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Was This a Harmless Senior Prank?

Did this high school prank go too far? Students at Gladstone High School in Oregon celebrated their impending graduation by going into the school early Friday morning and moving hundreds of desks out of classrooms and into the hallways. The seniors also replaced erasers with hot dogs. While many think senior pranks are harmless rites… Read More »

Critics Slam Mexican TV Host for Brownface Parody of 'Roma' Star

Yeka Rosales, the host of a parody show on Mexican network Televisa, has come under fire for darkening her face and wearing a prosthetic nose to portray indigenous star Yalitza Aparicio. Aparicio earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for her work in «Roma.» Critics say Rosales’ portrayal of her evokes ugly stereotypes and… Read More »

Teen Charged With Murder After Egg Prank Leads to Crash

Dozens look on at the mangled wreckage of two cars that collided in Houston, Texas, killing mother Silvia Zavala. Police say a teenager is responsible for Zavala’s death. Investigators say the 14-year-old was driving an SUV with other teens who were throwing eggs at cars. That’s when one car started chasing them on the road.… Read More »

Comedian Pretends to Be New Jersey Senator in Prank Call to President Trump

Did comedian John Melendez prank call the president? He says he pulled off a prank by telling The White House operator he was New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, who was acquitted of corruption charges earlier this year. Melendez posed as the senator and actually got through to Trump as he was flying back to Washington… Read More »