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Powerful Peeing Boy Prank

Little boy pees behind a tree with the power of a garden hose. it’s actually just a garden hose. A presentation of the Just For Laughs . | Subscribe! A healthy little boy hasn’t peed for months so he lets out all the accumulated pressure in one shot. Peeing man wets tourists and locals at… Read More »


Terra comes up with the fun idea of trying this fun challenge blind folded!! It is so much harder then she thinks, so will she have to cheat and peek?! learn how to make diy candy gingerbread houses Make sure you are subscribed and have your bell on!!! *****FOLLOW US****** ↝ IT’S JUST JAYJAY: SUBSCRIBE… Read More »

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair -7- A Motive in Comedy

I didn’t think it was funny at all! This is a 100% BLIND playthrough! — NO SPOILERS in the comments! Helpful tips and tricks that don’t spoil are always welcome! Sit right down and let’s play Danganronpa 2 together! Please leave a like or fav, if you enjoyed the video. They really help and are… Read More »

BLIND Man Farting Prank On Girls — In Kolkata — Pranks in India | By TCI

BLIND Man Farting Prank On Girls — In Kolkata — Pranks in India | By TCI Hey Guys We Are Back With New Prank Video I Hope You Enjoyed This Video So Like On a Video Comment On a Video Share With Friends Don’t Forget To SUBSCRIBE Subscribe (WORLD OF VELLAS) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_DcdV7MhY_lCWXAyo9mSqA Subscribe The Crazy… Read More »

Blind man fishing Prank!!#trufflebutter?

Check out my exclusive content ► https://holonis.app.link/hammytv Download Holonis ► https://holonis.app.link/hammytv-app Would you help a blind man out that just dropped some stuff on the ground? What if they were dildos?!Filmed in lynn Massachusetts We filled a bag up with dildos. We made it so the bag would rip open and the dildos would fall… Read More »

Stifled — Being Blind In A Horror Game — Seeing With Your Voice — SO FREAKY — Stifled VR Gameplay

Today we’re checking out Stifled. Stifled is a horror game where you are blind and you can only see what is around you by using your voice in a sort of human-like echo-location. The scary part is, the more you talk the more the monsters can hear you, and they want to find you. I… Read More »