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Star Wars Parody Compilation! (by Feisty Pets)

The Feisty Pets strike back in this hilarious Star Wars parody compilation! First, Darth Vader reveals that he is Sir Growls-a-Lot’s father, then Kylo Ren becomes Luke’s worst nightmare. Sammy Suckerpunch (dog) puts helium in Darth Vader’s oxygen tank, Obi Wan Kenobi (played by Black Belt Bobby the panda) tells Luke how his father died,… Read More »

Epic Feisty Movie Parody Compilation! Vol. 1

The Feisty Pets parody your favorite movies! Katy Cobweb (black cat) and Sir Growls-a-Lot (bear) play Darth Vader and Luke in a Star Wars parody, Grandmaster Funk (monkey) and Marky Mischief (lion) play Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, Brad Pitt asks Sammy Suckerpunch (gray dog) “What’s in the box?” in a parody of “Seven.” Vicky… Read More »