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Как выбрать ГОРНЫЙ ВЕЛОСИПЕД до 35000 рублей

Велосипед из ролика: https://www.usports.ru/detail/velosiped_author_solution_29_2018.htm Особенности выбора горного велосипеда до 35000 рублей в 2018 году. Какие есть подводные камни, с какими скрытыми от глаз проблемами вы можете столкнуться? Все ответы здесь! source

Bird Sh*t Prank On Ferrari Gone Wrong! ft TwinzTV (Went To Jail)

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Crazy SCHOOL CROSSING GUARD!!! Funny Kids Silly School Parody

School crossing guard kid has gone crazy with silly rules. This funny skit is for kids where Alex is the silly school Crossing Guard. Sandra and Ava try to cross the street in the crosswalk to go to school. The bike in this video was given to us from Tomy and is a 16 inch… Read More »

A Game Of Mountain Bike Dice Vol. 2 | Blake Vs Sam Pilgrim!

Last edition of Game of Bike Dice saw Blake rolling to choose both the bike and trick…all on his own! We thought we’d mix things up a bit this time! 1 bike, 2 dice, 6 tricks per dice, 36 possible combinations..and Sam Pilgrim to play against! Let’s roll the dice! Subscribe to GMBN: http://gmbn.eu/subscribe Get… Read More »