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Broma de los Hombres de Negro — PUMWEBER — Men in Black MIB Prank

Antes que nada queremos darle las gracias a Samuel Parilli por haber grabados las tomas !!! CÓMO ESTÁN GENTE! HOLA OTRA VEZ Y GRACIAS POR SINCRONIZAR PUMWEBER DE NUEVO! Fue un cague de risa realizar este video y esperamos que también los hayan disfrutado. Seguiremos subiendo más de esto, así que estén actualizados para lo… Read More »

Cartoon | Oddbods — Alien Abduction | Funny Videos For Children

Oddbods are back with New Episodes and they are Funnier and Furrier than ever!! Watch these Funny oddbods episodes and have a Great time!! Click Here to Watch more Funny Cartoons For Children: https://goo.gl/ju2fXe ►Oddbods Store — Get Mugs, T-Shirts, Pillows and more! shop.oddbods.com ►Click to Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubToOddbods ► Visit our Website Here: http://oddbods.com ►Visit… Read More »

5 Scariest Pranks on YouTube

Watch all of the videos from today’s ep. http://goo.gl/UgYJJs YouTube Nation is our daily show that scours the web to help you find great videos weekdays 6pm PT / 9pm ET / 2am GMT. Flula drops by YouTube Nation to watch a collection of the scariest prank videos ever. Let us know what you think… Read More »

Alien Dance Bathing Colors Fun — Funny video for Children Kids Toddlers

Alien Dance Bathing Colors Fun — Funny video for Children Kids Toddlers See more learn colors video: https://goo.gl/zZGG5W For more videos subscribe: https://goo.gl/oH9nQU Thanks for watching! source

Dalek Gary #3: Extermi-dated — Doctor Who Parody Fan Series

An alien killing machine stranded on Earth after a botched invasion attempt finds himself the subject of a BBC documentary on undocumented migrant workers. SUBSCRIBE to this Doctor Who parody, Dalek Gary: http://tinyurl.com/8oq3yx7 Featuring: Brian Firenzi (5-Second Films, «The Law» in Video Game High School, Dude Bro Party Massacre 3), Jason Horton (The Annoying Orange,… Read More »

Generate Bitcoin 0.02 — 0.5 BTC (Update 2018)

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Alien 2: Cat Eaters of Neptune!! — Scary Kids Parody

In our Alien Movie sequel, the Alien leader of Neptune pays us a visit!! Help us get to 1 Million Subscribers: http://tinyurl.com/hsntodl Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a comment as we read every single one and reply to as many as we can. We are a family that make fun videos. A… Read More »

Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth — Real Or Fake?

Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth — Real Or Fake? «ALIENS» Extraterrestrial life, also called alien life (or, if it is a sentient or relatively complex individual, an «extraterrestrial» or «alien»), is life that occurs outside of Earth and that probably did not originate from Earth. These hypothetical life forms may range from simple prokaryotes… Read More »