StarCraft 2: EPIC PRO GAME — Neeb vs ShoWTimE!

Professional match of StarCraft 2 between Neeb and ShoWTimE.
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This game starts off as most other Protoss vs Protoss games do. However, since neither player manages to deal a critical amount of damage, the game doesn’t end until a much later stage.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.



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25 thoughts on “StarCraft 2: EPIC PRO GAME — Neeb vs ShoWTimE!

  1. Jan Vehring

    where is my frostpunk you did not upload a episode one wednesday, is said to myself the, well he uploads a episode every two days. Yesterday evening i was very hopefull that you would upload an episode agin i was sad that it didnt happen instead there was a FUCKING BESTOFF which is by the way completly unneccessairie, i dont know how thats written. And today still no Frostpunk. So im quite sad at the moment and i hope that you upload one tomorrow the 10th an saturday. Pleas please pleas…..

  2. Joshua Benitez


    As always, I love your casting!

    As an American from New Orleans, I gotta say I love the way you introduce the contestants

    “None other than-“

    I’m a musician here, as well as a radio show host, and I’m going to start introducing everyone like that!

  3. octav3k

    I have to say, I'm disappointed by your casting of this game… you missed the Dark Shrine going down, missed ShowTime's 4th (you were even showing us an empty spot while the Nexus had started somewhere else on the map), then missed the engagement with the big army @ ShowTime's 4th because you were still watching zealots clean up zealots in his main.

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