So Is GTA 6 Next for Rockstar? — Game Scoop! 505

This week we’re discussing Red Dead 2, what’s next for Rockstar, a bunch of retro games, and more.

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26 thoughts on “So Is GTA 6 Next for Rockstar? — Game Scoop! 505

  1. Blake Mason

    Usually I'd say easter eggs aren't spoilers but in specifically this game where there is no guidelines to the open world, no incentives to explore other than to discover the unknown, see what breathtaking or interesting development could possibly be behind the next corner. It does feel bad to kinda have that mystery and illusion striped. Really takes away the drive to explore.

    Also I agree with Daemon, the fast walk speed from the camp area should be available out in the open world.

  2. remakeyourself

    Really wish they didn't change the schedule. Watching Scoop used to be a Friday ritual for years, now I'm left picking between listening on Friday or watching half a week later, in both cases, I already have a bunch of other content I wait on, when the old schedule fit perfectly.

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