Sharm ~ Morally Grey (World Of Warcraft Parody)

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33 thoughts on “Sharm ~ Morally Grey (World Of Warcraft Parody)

  1. catxborsuq1

    I just love how some people either say that Blizzard is making Sylvanas evil "all of a sudden" or still defend her xD She is still better than Garrosh, I'll give her that, she won't turn on the other races of the Horde like that idiot did, but she was always a rotten b*tch

  2. Kevin K

    Such an awesome job on the singing and great job on the video! Came out so well. 🙂 Enjoying looking over some of the comments. This song is actually mostly about mocking all of the "morally grey" talk that has been going on for a while. And for anyone who doesn't know, the original song is from (or used in) 50 shades of grey.

  3. oldmanyama

    Like the melody, the lyrics not so much, your voice, as always, is beautiful. The Alliance viewpoint on Sylvanas has gotten tiresome for me. It feels like I'm in an argument and the other person gets louder, shriller, and more repetitive, thinking I am not hearing them. I do but they just aren't changing my opinion.

  4. Lizzy Reacts

    That’s not what morally grey even means…morally grey is to be morally ambiguous which entails in a set or path of mysterious actions that you have no idea what it would lead too and all the actions can be either extremely good or over the top bad…you could say she is morally grey and this would fit because it’s not saying she’s in between good and bad…not at all…it also means that her endgame could be totally on the opposite side of the spectrum to what her actions have said. Sylvanas being morally grey means we don’t know why she’s doing this even if she claims it’s for one thing, it can be an entirely other thing we hadn’t seen until now. I’m not saying this forgives her for everything cuz it doesn’t, but it doesn’t mean anything like what everyone thinks ‘morally grey’ is either.

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