RIDICULOUS QUALITY SQUASH GAME — ElShorbagy v Ashour — Free Game Friday

This week’s Free Game Friday was selected by our subscribers and contains some sensational squash between two of the best players of the modern era. Enjoy!
Full match: https://psaworldtour.com/videos/view/5312
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YouTube Roundup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbQIml1T0L0

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9 thoughts on “RIDICULOUS QUALITY SQUASH GAME — ElShorbagy v Ashour — Free Game Friday

  1. Ivor O'Connor

    Around the 5-4 and 5-5 points, 7 minutes in, Ashour loses two points the second of which he asks for a video review. My take on this is Ashour should not only have gotten a let but also the points because ElShorbagy was not on the T but half way to the wall blocking Ashour. If he were on the T and stood there then sure it would be his point or at worst a let. But being off the T and blocking his opponent is not right. Think about somebody blocking the shot at the corners. There it is obvious. On the side though doesn't happen that often but a great player like ElShorbagy can make it happen. It's like Ashour didn't like the first call but figured what the heck, it's just a fluke. But when it happened twice the judges should have been better. Any other people see it that way?

  2. kckcmctcrc

    What are the thoughts on the first couple of points, where it looks as if both players are trying to take advantage of the cold ball.   I'm a 4.5 level squasher and play about 3 days a week, (these are competitive, but somewhat causal games).  Typically we don't hit these little drop shots until the ball is warm.  It's sort of an unwritten rule.  To be clear I'm not calling out the pros here, I'm simply curious if other Recreational players do the same, thanks.

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