Return Of The Obra Dinn — A Game You Really Shouldn’t Watch on Youtube…

Return Of The Obra Dinn is the result of 4 years of work by developer Lucas Pope, who previously scored a surprise hit with Papers, Please. This is a huge change in terms of style and mechanics, developing not just a complicated story, but a unique way of telling it and a bunch of new technology to make it possible.

It also gets quickly spoiled if you watch other players play it, and the video rendering just gets ruined by Youtube’s video encoding. So I recommend just buying this and playing it yourself 🙂


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42 thoughts on “Return Of The Obra Dinn — A Game You Really Shouldn’t Watch on Youtube…

  1. mkzhero

    If you like this guy for making it all solo, you should check out the touhou series, also (for the most part) made by one guy, programming, music, story, graphics… It was a huge hit too. Although aside the music it isn't all that impressive, then again, it was made way back when…

  2. Anonymous Freak

    I'm curious if a similar game could be developed that would run on an actual black & white Mac? Say the SE/30, which had a much better CPU and can have far more RAM than the original Motorola 68000-based Macs.

    Wolfenstein 3D would play on a 68030 in the Mac OS. Obviously it couldn't be the same 3d engine used in this game, but I wonder if a massively simplified engine, or even a 2d-pretending-to-be-3d game would work? I just love the art style, the mix of flat-shaded polygon and dithered textures. I'd love to play that style on an actual classic Mac.

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