Q AN0N: Latest Posts — «This is not a game.»

Q AN0N: Latest Posts — «This is not a game.»

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33 thoughts on “Q AN0N: Latest Posts — «This is not a game.»

  1. Steve McAtee

    "Autists" I can only find this mix of letters as a bastardization of Autistics. Here again, why would Q use an incorrect word structure bordering on slander of a very serious condition of tens of millions of children and adults? I never saw errors like that before a couple months ago! CLEAN UP YOUR ACT Q2. sm

  2. Donna Alderman

    I appreciate any information about Q. If you don't agree with what he says , it is just his interpretation, watch someone else there are so many different people with different views you can go on different videos and just figure it out for yourself if you don't like it why complain. I mean seriously, like if you don't agree with it don't watch it. I watch all that I can and decide for myself what I believe and what I don't you can do the same. These people spend a lot of time making their videos trying to explain things. There's no reason to tell him that they are stupid or don't understand just move on.

  3. Elizabeth Cooper

    I agree, it is so disheartening to see innocent people and their families being harmed and devastated by the unexpected losses of their loved ones. Some of those loved ones were working in the line of duty, as Detective Familia was, and another NYPD detective, whose life was also ended by a cold blooded killer. I think that it is no coincidence that the two detectives mentioned and gunned down, were two, of probably a very few, who had seen whatever was on the Wiener/Abedin laptop in evidence.

    Many of you LEO's are witnesses to crimes committed, or investigative information, arising from certain very dangerous actors,. You may well need much more heightened protection than earlier thought. If I may speak freely, perhaps an additional consideration, might be an undercover operator who might, for instance use an unmarked car shadowing Leo's who may be at increased risk on their 911 calls, or at their crime scene investigations, maybe a plainclothes who shadows them on each call staying a distance away but ready for any emerging situation and watching the scene from a distance. You guys might already be doing this. Who would have thought you had to consider this level of back up and protection, but I think you all must at this point. What we have now, may be much worse than dealing with the usual street and other threats that you are well trained to respond to. I think these newer threats are professionally trained. While it would be hard to know when an attack is coming, if you can stop an attack on one of your Leo's by a Deep State operative , and be able to investigate thoroughly, you guys just might reveal an entire network and save many of your own, and others too. Increasingly, it looks like these are highly trained operatives, not just isolated shooters.

    We know that many of you at NYPD are some of the most honorable and dedicated heroes anywhere. With heartfelt condolences for your loss in 2017, as I think Craig mentioned. Stay safe Leo's, and may God Bless you and look after you. From a retired NREMT-Paramedic.

  4. Yvonne Sommerfeld

    Craig/JustInformed Talk: Can you please look into this: "Hamas" is paying/issuing checks that are now being cashed to Palestinian men as follows: $200 if they were shot by Israeli forces on Friday; $500 if severly injured; and $3,000 to families of the dead. The details of this were aired today on the Ben Shapiro show, and also Tweeted by @rafsanchez. Is this real? If so, how to counteract and inform of the Truth?

  5. Louise Cozens

    JustInformed j just wanna say Thanks for all you do in yr vids lots of respect for you. What gets me and its nothing to do with you, its just people who leave comments when someone has read or mispelt something They can be so cruel and condescending I think its just ridiculous n makes me just think we are all about Christ etc n Peace, Lovevn it just makes me go wtf. Sorry for da rant just really annoys me as there really is no need for it . Hey we all make mistakes dnt we

  6. iamLI3

    worshiping your invisible cock in the sky is not the most productive thing i can do it's the least productive thing i can do cleaning the fucking mold in my bathroom i found last night was the most productive thing i could do today and i have myself to thank for it don't make a Q video and waste my fucking time pushing your religion……….

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