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25 thoughts on “Profiting BIG From UNLUCKY Contestants! — Rust [GAME SHOW] Shop


    Man, the amount of anger built up in me is insane right now. Just spent days on that video just to get demonetized. Literally stayed up all night re-uploading this video with different titles many times over Unlisted, and it was demonetized every single time. Finally, this video was green, until it actually went live where it become yellow right away. This site is actually torture. I just wanna sleep and never wake up lmfao. Sorry guys, but i think i quit putting time in to videos like these. It's really not about the money, at all. But if you didn't know, a demonetized video gets no where near the amount of views a video that is monetized will get. This video, unfortunately is going to do awful. Thanks YouTube. Thanks for making YouTubers lives miserable.

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