Parody # 34 with Kent Dunn

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45 thoughts on “Parody # 34 with Kent Dunn

  1. purplevioletflames

    Sorry, but under common law we don't need permission to travel and won't need a license for anything. That is statutory law that is going away. We don't need a license now either because we have the right to travel and don't need permission from a corporation (USA Inc.) to travel.

  2. Starseed

    You have to understand the Cabal created our style of life good or bad and they gonna destroy it before leaving. Burn the house to the ground so they leave with glory while loosing the war. Hitler did the same he destroyed our democracy and send us to poor Island.

  3. Sconnie Panda

    If the annunaki are mad 'cos they didn't get Russian citizenship…they should have come to Britain…anyone can come here and get citizenship plus maximum benefits. The only folks who lose out in Britain…are the real Brits. Them annunaki are dipshits…and need to get maps so they can find Britain.

  4. Jeanne O'Dean

    Kent needs to correct himself in stating Solar Eclipse, July 27th was the Lunar Eclipse of the Full Blood Moon. Also, he needs to specify the difference between Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. Its very annoying and misleading when he continues to state just Solstice for every reference.

  5. Peace Chosen

    Please verify with Kent Dunn that the “Great Cleansing” is the Rothchilds burning and microwaving California to offer up to China- that isn’t a “cleansing”. The Rothchilds are not qualified to “cleanse” they are evil. This is CULLING NOT CLEANSING

  6. Tisha Rubright

    Q was saying California is in serious debt so they purposely started the fires to request billions of dollars from the Feds……apparently California lost priority aid from the Feds due to sanctuary status…illegals. So basically they declare a state of emergency and then request billions from the Feds. Thoughts?

  7. Plimsoul

    Thank you both…but I agree with someone earlier…I'm so confused…one week things are going ok…and the next week not so good…contantly back and forth?? I'm just not sure what to believe anymore…seems like we are just ants on this planet….

  8. Rex M

    NO Kent…you don't tell us whats going on! You tell us…bits & pieces (which we appreciate). Most of us understand you are telling us…all you are allowed to say. But…when you say "it don't matter…we can not stop what is coming"…I'd say — YOU ARE 100% correct! Good people…(to borrow a KD overused phrase) YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND…if these Cosmic Engineers / Designers (gods…creators…over creators…arch angels…saint…angels…AND all the rest of the 'Supporting Cast' are making PREDICTIONS…that will come to pass and there is nothing we can do about it…all that means is…this is NOT 'Divine Prophecy'! Rather it is…a 'PRE WRITTEN SCRIPT' that is scheduled to display certain long time ago invented technologies! My point is…these 'unavoidable events' have happened many times before AND will occur each time…the magical clock hands tick-off and reach the end of a certain Cosmic Clock…that officially concludes…THE END OF AN AGE! So…Mr Dunn…please…drop the drama and stop trying to take away our power & authority! My patience is growing shorter & shorter…with all these 'scare tactics'! Nothing about this TRANSITION appears…Divinely Inspired! It is a Preset Program…put on for who's benefit??? My love and support go out to you all! Rx

  9. snuffytc1

    You know …. you have to understand! I work at discerning everything I hear & see through my heart. Sadly, so many of Kent's "stuff" has really been triggering my B.S. meter lately. You know … I do like him though, even though he doesn't seem to give you all the info …. just enough. 😀

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