Parody # 33 with Kent Dunn

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Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength both use purified zeolite, but they are sized differently so they work together to target toxins throughout the whole body.
Taking both Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength provides a complete detox throughout all the pathways of the body.

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24 thoughts on “Parody # 33 with Kent Dunn

  1. Mr Data

    For a lot of us the question is how much longer can we hang in there? If you were lucky enough to get medical insurance in the US, it may be costing as much as a second mortgage per person every month. Many need one or some combination of these things: money, food, water, sanitation, medical, shelter/home, job. After 6 months those who have been unemployed are no longer counted, all the great unemployment low percentages the fake news is giving are fake. None of the assistance needed has been dealt with yet and will not be until after GESARA is announced. How many weeks or months before are left before assistance for your situation is received. And we should keep thinking the struggle is over so that we get to the result quicker. Heard that Trump signed an EO to make NESARA part of GESARA a while back, that is why I did not mention NESARA. Teams are on standby to dispatch assistance immediately to areas on the planet that are in dire need of many types of assistance; will not happen until after the announcement.

  2. Peace Chosen

    He keeps saying we are free but we are not free to go gather food from any law other than from our own property — I live in a condo- freedom does not keep the lights on while we wait for free energy, my freedom does not help with my medical situations.

    Many of us don’t live near “the woods” he keeps telling us to go out in to, many cannot walk to the woods and don’t have money to pay for gas to get out there and some have no car, many have no ability to walk or to drive- he takes a lot to for granted when he says that we are “free” he assumes we are like him and live like him. It is condescending. Does he realize how many cannot afford zeolite???? We understand his words but they do not apply to every situation — freedom won’t occur for many of us until we actually have med beds — my neighbor cannot walk or drive free electricity how do we stay cool and alive in 120 degree weather-, replicators for food etc so stop treating us like children that don’t understand.

  3. Cathy Welsh

    Thanks for the update .. very enjoyable. Can I just ask if zeolite is helping people to detox why is it not available for everyone plus why are the government's still filling us with heavy metals. If we have won the war then every government should be taken down .. I give the galactics permission to take down the government in the UK. Thank you ♡

  4. Peace Chosen

    Ask Kent — regarding Yellowstone, eruption and “7 state area” — scientific studies show deadly ash will cover much of the United States, not to mention the gasses. It can and will cause death of people and crops much farther than those seven states. How do they plan on minimizing this?

  5. Silly Crow

    I would love to get the zeolite… but what does one do suffering from Lyme disease and not working/no money coming in? I’m not on disability, it seems too take too much time, doctors, red tape and hoops to jump through to start that…I honestly don’t have the strength to do it. But, besides the zeolite, Kent told us about immusist drops for Lyme as well. Very expensive, especially for both purchases. I bring this up because in my gut I feel that there are many, many more folks out there like me in this situation… been keeping good thoughts and working on that manifestation that Kent talked about, to no avail…been working on it for awhile now…. any tips on manifestation techniques, anyone?? I’m hoping this info will reach those needing it just as much as I do 👍

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