Parody # 29 with Kent Dunn

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46 thoughts on “Parody # 29 with Kent Dunn

  1. Jedi 1127

    Military ops to cause misinformation and Fear don't work anymore. The Whole Truth will set Humanity FREE ☆♡ Military and Governments dont want the whole truth out to maintain CONTROL of Humanity in their 3D matrix. I no longer to choose to participate and play in these third dimensional games. Infinite Abundance, Eternal Peace, Perfect health and Well being for ALL of Humanity ☆♡ And so be it… And so it is. I am that I am.. I am a God Spark. We are ALL ONE ☆♡

  2. Nan Sherrill Smith

    We are said to have free will. I was tricked into coming here, and promised blessings that never manifested. Got caught in a soul trap. As long as deceit happens, free will is a only a rumor. Ask Kent if overall frequency is a mean number that includes all humans, or also hybrids and walking disguised reptiles?

  3. Angel H

    Why would anyone in their right mind want a handler? A handler is a controller. And Kent's supposed Pleadian buddy, Linol, says the earth is round, not flat. What does Kent have to say about that? I say quit the BS, tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, or shut TFU and quit spreading lies. And Peri, when Kent says something that NOBODY understands, please say something other than, uh huh, because that is agreement/consent toward what he is saying. Please ask him to give more information that can be understood by everyone. Challenge him, because if it sounds like BS then is probably is. Thank you, and please be careful to protect yourself, too.

  4. J 9

    I would rather have it all exposed…why is it we allow people to die, be abused and sacrificed DAILY rather than just "get the truth out"…isnt that why we are here to help those people?
    I don't get the logic. I am not buying that logic anymore.

  5. Transfurgroomers1

    Been on Eddie's Zeolite and it makes a big difference, people!! How? More energy, clear thinking returns, calmness and less likely to become an asshole… seriously.😉💕 its not just a placebo. I've been on it awhile, and I prefer it over the cheaper brand. Worth the $. Love to all.

  6. Rosalie Bernard

    Universal excuses……timeline changes and more people need to wake up! Free will zone?……mankind has been suppressed and enslaved for centuries. We enjoy the illusion of freedom! As for spaceships landing…….there will always be some people who will panic, run and scream. If I see a cockroach, I will run and scream and I've been seeing them for years…..just saying!

  7. eliz0891

    Question for Kent: In the early 90's A lady brought a little girl into my Salon for me to cut her hair she appeared to be about 11 or 12 years of age. When I looked at the childs eyes her pupil was slits like cat. It shocked me so much I said " Her pupils are different I never noticed that on anyone before.  Her mother said the Dr. said she is going blind. Her Mother eyes where normal. They both looked perfectly normal. Do you think she might have been Reptilion.

  8. T g


  9. Patrick Paes

    they came ,or is it ,It came from Outer Space ,who made these creature 's most people will probably pop these uglies ,after there done screaming .Panic will set in and people will pop them in situation ,just the way it is ,nobody know if they are friendly or not ,and sometimes it will to too late .

  10. Eddie Cook

    Kent Dunn is such an idiot , He calls the summer equinox The summer solstice LOL and this idiot claims a spaceship is powering the flat earth through the universe LOL, what a freaking idiot 🙂 oh yeah and he goes downInto hollow earth every night.

  11. Silly Crow

    Thank you, Pari for asking Kent about Lyme disease! I found out from the doc last week I had it… actually I have had it for the past 20 years! I’ve been only labeled as arthritis and fibromyalgia until a spider bit me. My body reacted with a bullseye rash. The bacteria had already been in my body and the bacteria from the spider bite caused a reaction. Brought it out so we know now what’s been wrong all these years with me…It’s been hell for so long, there’s light at the end of the tunnel! …thank you again for asking Kent! And thank you, Kent for an answer! I’m absolutely looking into it! 👍 …love the outfit Pari! You always look so nice 🤗

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