Parody # 27 with Kent Dunn

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30 thoughts on “Parody # 27 with Kent Dunn

  1. June Hall

    The technician said he's only seen a O PING twice!

    I have better than WiFi!!!

    They don't tell you that YOU HAVE A CHOICE of how to connect. When I moved into the apartment I had to get hooked up to the internet.
    Instantly, and I mean instantly, the modem kicked in a 5G that is available on the new modems. Not only that, it kicked in 2.5G as well. Both of them kicked in, so I was getting the frequencies of 5G AND 2.5G. It was a much! I felt it! It was a terrible straining on my entire body, but, especially the chest area! I told the tech that I needed a wired connection, not WiFi. He went into my internet settings and turned the WiFi off. What a relief! I feel so comfortable. I did a speed test after tech changed it and he stated the performance of the speed test was rare. The internet had a PING of O. It was very smooth and he only saw that 3 times in all his years working. Better than WiFi!!! The WiFi, especially 5G is not good for humans.

    Call Comcast or AT & T and get your internet free of 5G
    Can always turn it back on when these beings show up.

  2. Siminthesky

    Keys of allright but outdated i find the 2 voyagerbooks very complete..asyana deane..i think kerry cassidy promotes the books on her site and asyana's site is keylontic..
    Asthar is not real andromedans!!!

    Still i find it a good show today..since finally more serious stuff os now discussed…

  3. arcofjoan

    If P. Trump does not make a total talk and confirm about the Cabal today, the way K. Dunn & Drake have said,, there going to be considered disinformers in my book ..Today is the test of whether these people know and have deep intel..we will see.!

  4. Roger Breashears

    Kent's info is suspect, he hasn't been right about many things especially the mandela effect, I have been effected and I have answers. Ask Kent if he knows we have moved from the saggitarius arm to the Orion spur. I know why, but I would like to hear his answer. He is right about some things but very wrong about other things. YOU KNOW!

  5. Rex M

    It is my opinion…Satan (Azul) is probably Enki and his son Marduk is Jesus. So…when we hear that Satan has been ordered back to this planet by 'CREATOR' to clean-up the mess he left or in this case…to seek revenge directed at the negative Illuminati figures who chopped off the head of Muhammad…this means…if Yahweh is our 'CREATOR'…that it was Yahweh who told — ORDERED Enki to correct this injustice! IF…you don't agree…that is OK with me. I know that as long as we are on this side of the veil…we will never be told the truth about these Anunnaki gods. Love to you all — Thanks & bye 4 now — Rx

  6. Rex M

    Dear Pari…please ask Kent about what he said 2 weeks ago…THAT THE NEW NEWLY CROWNED ANUNNAKI REPTILIAN KING… AND…SATAN/AZUL…are BOTH living or headquartered under Yellowstone. Question #1…is AZUL an Anunnaki? Question #2…Can Kent explain the following Anunnaki Diety…Utu…aka…Utu Shamash and his importance today? Question #3…Is Jesus the son of Satan? THANK YOU SISTER! One Love — Rx

  7. cynthia taylor

    I'm clairaudient I've heard my mother speak to me more than once. Not true that loved ones don't contact you. My father communicated with someone I didn't know and passed information to me I understood well having addressed an issue that required closure. Pay attention to your dreams. You mind is open and they will communicate with you.

  8. Rex M

    My Dear Pari…THANK YOU SO MUCH for asking the 'Ashtar Sheran' question & the Anshar — Corey Goode question! You are incredible…Kents answers really clear-up misunderstandings for hundreds of us! THANK YOU — THANK YOU! One Love — Rx

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