Murder FORTNITE MYSTERY *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

We play Murder Mystery in #Fortnite! The Classic game we’ve recreated in Fortnite Creative Mode! Fortnite Creative Minigame in a Subway
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Tobu — Such Fun
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27 thoughts on “Murder FORTNITE MYSTERY *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. Noah Diaz

    Hey @SSundee can you just play any difrent game desides fortnite bc I've watched ur channel literly sence i can rember I'm 14 , and I haven't watched one of your videos in so long and it sucks bc I ust to watch ur videos to get away but I can't relate to fortnite and it seems like u aint playin attention to us who likes when u play more them one game

  2. Frederico Cabero

    Plsssss play Jason the 13th with crainer,befeal,crancher,and ronik sorry wrong spelling plssss play it it's fuuuuuunn..!…….he he he bot plssss if you see this plsssss read it and play i thing'k that's the only game you never play plsssssssssss they will like…………. Eeeeettttttttt >:)

  3. Octoling Oscar

    Hey SSundee I know you like strategy games. There is this game called Hearts Of Iron IV on Steam. It is basically A World War II Simulation Game where you are the leader of a country and you can control all of your troops to try take over the world. You also have a focus tree where you can choose your path of choice of idealogy or your specific army choice

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