KZ vs. GEN — Week 1 Game 3 | LCK Summer Split | KING-ZONE DragonX vs. Gen.G (2018)

VOD of KING-ZONE DragonX vs. Gen.G (Game 3)
LCK Summer Split Week 1 2018 #LCK

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3 thoughts on “KZ vs. GEN — Week 1 Game 3 | LCK Summer Split | KING-ZONE DragonX vs. Gen.G (2018)

  1. kettenhund05

    Seriously, Riot did it again and trolled everyone with a rework of a whole class just right before the Season started. I mean people who played ADC for the last 7 years and have awesome mechanics might feel a little tilted when the only 2 Champion they can play, if they do not want to give up the bot lane, are Ezreal and Lucian.
    Add this to the latest Champion releases, reworks and Shield Support nerfs (Aatrox was fine pre rework, Irelia is beyond broken in 3 positions, Pyke is an AD ASSASSIN on "support" (rename the position at least) and shield supports were not even played competitively) and you got your reasons why you lose a lot of your player base.
    I can understand that you wanna change the game to be faster and stuff, but you actually brake up the whole structure you had build for years.

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