KT Rolster vs Team Liquid Full Game — LoL Worlds 2018 Group C Day 1 — KT vs TL

KT Rolster vs Team Liquid Full Game — LoL Worlds 2018 Group C Day 1 — KT vs TL

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17 thoughts on “KT Rolster vs Team Liquid Full Game — LoL Worlds 2018 Group C Day 1 — KT vs TL

  1. Graz DiGraz

    28:30 double was zoned from the beginning of the dragon attempt, because of that hook he did not have the direct path to the river to group with his team for the drake, instead he had to flash backwards losing a summoner spell and being forced out of the fight from the beginning. TL had the damage to finish the drake without Double but did not have the damage with Double zoned to get out of the drake play with an advantage

  2. Graz DiGraz

    23:25 olay miss played, he tried to knock up before charm. If he charmed he would then have the time to land the knock up on kindred or chose a more threatening option sense the drake was already claimed, instead he tried to w first and pressed r to run away and die. This game was so close I feel like this drag fight was a large turning point

  3. John Jaecques

    TL got really screwed by DL losing flash and all his hp level 1. It helped make score more confident to invade and put him so far behind what he could have been. I dont really think Xmithie got outjungled, it was mostly him being less able to do things because of all the resources they were giving DL (e.g. DL farming while they invade red). I was impressed with pobelter but i think following through on that early tp bot lane was not worth, put him too far behind ucal. Either way he should not have died solo to ucal. Impact is probably the most outclassed player when you compare him to smeb, but as long as he can get through lane and not get caught he can contribute almost as much as the best top laners. TL lost but I think they have a chance to get out of groups if they learn from this game. I think this game shows that KT can exploit liquid putting so many resources into DL, however this wasn't the best exhibition because their main focus got put behind early, so all of their efforts to get him fed mostly just put him even. Not to mention ucal getting so fed negated him quite a bit. As for the rest of the game it seems like the team coordination was a little off from TL. That play at second infernal was weird. It seemed like they wanted to get the drake and peace out to give them a chance to win later teamfights which was good, but grag got caught by mata flash. The rest should have been able to escape with ryze ult but olleh got off ryze ult to shield grag and urgot wasn't even in the ult. Impact could have lived as well if he had just left either through ryze ult or by dashing out but he hung around and got caught by mata. I think if they played better they could have taken drake losing only 1 which could have given them a chance in the game because they wouldn't have lost baron. Impact got caught way too much.

    full disclosure tl fan

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