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Ralph reviews Justice League, Macon solves a problem.


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45 thoughts on “Justice League — ralphthemoviemaker

  1. schummel baer

    That's not "The Flash". Thats "The Leap" or "Slow Mo Kid".

    Pixar proved that you can have entertaining fun Scenes with a Boy that moves superfast.

    This Flash here isnt really moving his Legs superfast. He instead looks like he is jumping 20 Meters with every Step, moving like one of those weird Lizards that run on 2 Legs. And as soon as he goes back to "normal" Speed he always trips and falls on his Butt like he cant control his Moves, even though normal Speed really would be Slow Motion to him.

  2. Adia Ivory

    I saw a comment about how it looks like they tried to purposely make The Flash socially awkward/autistic and I couldn’t agree more. They tried to make him quirky and relatable so audiences can have something to relate to, but there are so many better ways to do this. It would make sense for The Flash to talk fast and constantly be talking and moving and eating, but the way they show it is just so off.

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