Illuminati songs (Reversed) Part 6 Reaction

Illuminati songs (Reversed) Part 6 Here is my reaction. Thanks for all the support guys and kindly continue to pray for me.
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47 thoughts on “Illuminati songs (Reversed) Part 6 Reaction

  1. Grass Green

    Let's react to" aronchupa little sis nora"…" Rave in the Grave"…I mean WTF…you got 21 million European kids jumping on the trains? Because Chupa tells you it's real cool " down there". I couldn't get that beat out of my head all day tho…catchy … catchy

  2. Luka 37

    If you go fast you will see purple

  3. Yeshua-is-Lord

    Good Job again Ray. I hope you already found the only one that saves. Yeshua aka Jesus. That the adversary exists shouldn't surprise you any more. Check the words of the Truth, Mercy and Love as long as it is still available. The Word of God. The Bible. They will ban it soon. Greetings from Germany and Shalom.

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