So I #prank my #boyfriend with a fake #hickey — I cant believe he fell for it! Subscribe for more #pranks and other vids! Comment down below your favorite pizza topping!

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50 thoughts on “HICKEY PRANK ON BOYFRIEND *GONE WRONG* he cries!

  1. Pump3

    Holy fuck y'all prank each other so much I don't even know HOW the fuck y'all believe ANYTHING y'all say anymore. And to put this into perspective let's just say the two of you were having dinner. Just sitting in the dining room and enjoying each other's company. Just the two of you and nobody else around. And all of a sudden let's say… Sebb! Starts shaking convulsively. Dion thinks to himself "oh he's just playing another prank on me HE'S NOT GONNA WIN!" Meanwhile Sebb is practically foaming at the mouth, seeming to lose control of his entire body, while trying to pronounce Dion's name. But all he can say is in crescendoing voice "D-d-d-d-E-E-E-on-n-n H-h-h-e-l-l-L-L-L-P-P-P-P! " And Dion still thinks this is a joke and thinks there is a hidden camera somewhere and waiting for the "AHA" moment from Sebb. But it never comes. And all of a sudden, Sebb just falls off the chair and goes limp on the floor, unmoving. Dion looks all over and finds a camera in the corner, points to it, and says "YASSSS BITCH I SEE YOU NOW, I KNEW IT!!" But Sebb doesn't move. Then Dion checks the camera, which was completely off. Dion is flabbergasted at this moment. So he tries to look for any video that might've been captured while the two were having dinner on that camera. There was nothing to be found. He looks for any other locations that Sebb might've hid a camera somewhere. Nothing. Dion goes to Sebb and feels his pulse, and there's nothing. No signs of breathing or any life at all. Dion frantically dials 911 and by the time the paramedics arrive it's too late. Sebastian Argo was pronounced dead at the scene, all due to the fact that his boyfriend, Dion Yorkie, thought that he was playing a prank on him. A modern story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."

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