GRF vs SKT Game 2 | Week 2 Day 4 S8 LCK Summer 2018 | Griffin vs SK Telecom T1 W2D4 G2 1080p

SKT vs GRF G2 lck Summer 2018 W2D4 — KT SK Telecom T1 vs Griffin Game 2 LoL eSports lck Korea Summer 2018 Week 2 Day 4.
LoL eSports Season 8 of LCK Champions Korea Summer 2018 — KT SK Telecom T1 vs Griffin Game 2 | SKT vs GRF W2D4 LCK VOD 2018 1080p quality.
League of Legends LCK Champions Korea Season 8 (2018) Summer.
Second match of the day — Griffin vs KT SK Telecom T1 best of 3 game 2. GRF vs SKT G2.

Griffin Line-up:
Sword — Top Aatrox
Tarzan — Jungle Master Yi
Rather — Mid Taric
Viper — ADC Taliyah
Lehends — Support Shen

SK Telecom T1 Line-up:
Thal — Top VLadimir
Blank — Jungle Trundle
Faker — Mid Jax
Bang — AD Bang Xayah
Wolf — Support Wolf Rakan

Patch: 8.11 — Season 8
Game date: 21.06.2018 | 06/21/2018 | June 21st 2018
Game place: Seoul, South korea
Casters: Papasmithy and Valdez

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32 thoughts on “GRF vs SKT Game 2 | Week 2 Day 4 S8 LCK Summer 2018 | Griffin vs SK Telecom T1 W2D4 G2 1080p

  1. Jinkuh Otsukawa

    Skt is suffering ,since they are doing a defensive type of play with thal and blank and less aggression. Not the type of game style faker does. Face it… this legend, is died. Their legacy is over…. even if they bring back old players, the meta moves. New strong teams, younger teams who are using their type of creativity to follow through the new meta. I doubt SKT will make a comeback this year… and years to come.

  2. KiyokoFaith

    SKT T1-17
    I hope they'll do a Team Liquid and stop defending washed up players. It is so sad to watch such a dynasty of an organisation fall so far from their glory. They just need to make a clean reboot and start from scratch, full 5 new players. With how well they developed the old team, I am sure they could pull it off again.

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