Got7 Jackson’s Christmas Miracle (Roommate S2 Ep 13) | REACTION

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33 thoughts on “Got7 Jackson’s Christmas Miracle (Roommate S2 Ep 13) | REACTION

  1. papillonk

    he was a trainee for a couple of years and then he debuted so at this time he hadn’t seen his parents for a couple of years, plus his mother has neck problems from her olympic days so she can’t travel much but since he has his solo career in china now he sees his mama more often thankfully!

  2. gad·a·bout

    It had been probably around 4+ years since he had seen his family and also trainees and group members in the early days of debut often times don't/can't have cell phones so contacting them would be even more difficult.
    So Jackson basically made a deal with his dad during his junior year of high school that if Jackson won the upcoming international competition for fencing Jackson would be able to go to Korea a try to achieve his other passion. His father agreed because even though he knew how good his son was at fencing he didn't expect him to win it all because no one from Hong Kong ever had before. And they didn't really want him to go because they couldn't be there to directly support him in finding success if that field with no previous background and he had worked his whole life to be set up to find success in athletics. So once Jackson became a fencing champion and made his father proud his father also had to let him go and Jackson was willing to give it all up for his love of music and dance and go to a foreign country with no guarantee of success.
    Jackson has one older brother who lives in Australia. He is married and has a daughter.

  3. natia tlashadze

    I'm a new subscriber. Loving all these GOT7 reactions

    Please react to the (Weekly Idol Ep. 294) GOT7 Random play dance Full ver.
    They have to dance to their songs played randomly and if they get it wrong a video from their dark history will be shown
    It's really funny

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