Garmin fenix 5 Plus vs 5/5S/5X (GPS Watch Comparison 2018)

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Garmin fenix 5 Plus vs 5/5S/5X (GPS Watch Comparison 2018). In this video, Jeff covers the Garmin fenix 5+ review, including what’s new with this GPS multisport watch. Primarily, he discusses eight new features, which include pre-loaded routable topographical maps, music storage (up to 500 songs), Garmin Pay and Galileo (in addition to GPS and GLONASS). Other topics discussed include Pulse OX acclimation for blood oxygen, new pricing and battery life. We’ll see which fenix watch models land on the list for Best GPS Watch 2018 or Best Multisport Watch 2018. Thanks for watching.

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34 thoughts on “Garmin fenix 5 Plus vs 5/5S/5X (GPS Watch Comparison 2018)

  1. derletztezeuge1

    Price is pretty steep, steeper than some of those mountains really, lol..

    Would love to see camera controls on the Garmin too, who treks and hikes without taking photos..

    Even on an old sony smart watch 2 you can control the camera and video and actually see it on the phone too which has it's uses..

    They are amazing watches though..

    Would love a built in Mic and speaker too so calls can be taken from the watch and be able to reply to text or email even using AI etc, and google voice as well that would be an amazingly cool feature too..

  2. Dalan Singson

    Please let me know when you review the MK1 Decent. I'm not sure if you dive, but it would be nice to know if the other features work the same as the Fenix 5. I have an idea in my head that the dive features might take away from the other fitness features. Take for example the QuadSki (aquatic quad bike) It can do both but suck equally at both.

  3. usarmyguardsman

    I bought the fénix 5x plus and I have used it for a multitud of sports. For the most part it’s a good watch. You can land nav with it and it is very accurate with distances. The other features such the heart rate monitor, they fail often and they aren’t as accurate. The music is a great feature, I must say. Great for runs or hikes. The maps are not so good. I wish they used better maps. If you want better maps you have to pay quite a bit extra money which brings me down to the price. This is my first ever Garmin watch and I don’t believe this is a $850 dollar watch! For what the watch does, it is extremely overpriced. I won’t be buying another Garmin again because I believe they don’t deliver for the price I paid. They are very greedy in my opinion. Do what you will, I just wanted to share my opinion.

  4. Huawa Tuam

    Be warned!!! The Fenix 5 plus series watch software is a big mess. Bug, bugs, bugs and the worst is that Garmin does not care and react. They don't fix essential sports features bugs but release music player updates!?! WTF??? DO NOT BUY! WAIT FOR POLAR VANTAGE V or any other!

  5. Ariozo

    Did go back totalt My old 5 the bezel and look better …and Garmin take way to much for it this time. And music is nothing I use..streaming is the thing.😀
    But good for folks that they can get the "old" 5 now for less money.

  6. 02roundie

    I really like that Garmin has so many choices of bezel and case styles for the 5X Plus! Oh wait it only comes in BLACK. No style options for such an expensive watch, way to go Garmin. I really dislike the black bezel (being that I own a 3HR) if you scratch or wear through the finish it looks like crap, and cannot be replaced. With the silver bezel you don’t have to worry as much about wear and scratches.

  7. SlimJimC0

    I have the 5x. I use it for all kinds of activities. I usually get more than 12 days out of it. I use it pretty much every day. I found that the battery life lasts a lot longer when I use it for workouts that do not require GPS. For example, the weightlifting app which does not use the GPS, will not drain the battery. I absolutely love this watch and it would be cool if they had a trade-in program for the plus models.

  8. J Sheeba

    Excellent review. Wished they had called it the Fenix 6 or 7 to avoid the confusion with the 5 variations. Also with all these good stuff in place, do you know if the battery life will take a hit? Am not talking about length per charge but the life of the battery itself from all the wear and regular recharge required.

    Also, I suspect the next push for Garmin is to complete a God-watch…call capabilities! What do you think?

  9. Ben Joshi

    Are the updates to the Fenx 5 series a software update or only available in newer models?

    The NFC and Topo maps on all watches in the series, for example. Are these features available through a software update or are limited to newly manufactured watches?

    Thanks, your videos are awesome.

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