Game of Thrones — Season 8 Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Game of Thrones Season 8.


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43 thoughts on “Game of Thrones — Season 8 Review

  1. Jason Strom

    Cool to see that ya did something on this. I started watching this about two and a half years ago, binge watching the first 5 or 6 season(hard to remember exactly what I was able to watch up to at that time). So yeah, I didn't get that 10yr build up that some fans had going but I did have some time invested in this show and I did feel robbed once I began seeing how poorly the writing got towards the end of the series, especially seasons 7 and 8. It was rushed and you can just see it and feel it all the way through, and it's generic as fuck….. I do agree though, The Battle Of The Bastards was my favorite episode as well. When Wun-Wun died it killed me…. But what they did here in the end is just unforgivable. They made a lot of the prophecies and early forshadowing from earlier seasons pointless and meaningless. Hell, there shouldn't even be a Night's Watch now, so what the hell is Jon going up there for?…lol!…. Anyhow, I pretty much agree with your assessment. They really screwed this up.

  2. Jakub Tansey

    As for Dany's decision to burn Kings Landing not being earned, I don't think her being the 'mad queen' was the driving force of that decision. I think running up to that battle she felt very isolated/alone since all of her friends/allies had died or betrayed her from her perspective (bar greyworm), and especially Jon's betrayal of telling Sansa about his Targarien blood… She said in that episode all she has in Westeros is fear, no love. So personally I think she went into that battle with the decision made that she would make an example out of Kings Landing so when the dust, or ash, settles she can use that fear to hold onto the throne. I think she hesitated when the bells rang because she genuinely didn't expect them to, and then her 'mad king blood' you could argue told her to proceed. In summary, I think it was a lot more than just they used her being the mad king's daughter as an excuse to make her do that. A lot of the points you made are valid but on that particular point I feel very strongly that it was 'earned'.

  3. Alaizabella Zaida

    It was so unsatisfying. Everything about it. Cercei's death wasn't brutal enough. I needed a Ramsey type death for her. John should have been king at the end. Idk why the hell they decided to make Grey Worm such a dick, I get that he's sad, but damn. He should have had some empathy for the innocents.

    The only decision I really liked was Sansa declaring that the North was independent.

  4. 29 DY

    Thank you Chris for being the voice of reason. I feel the same thing. I liked the choices they made but the execution of them was so rushed and inconsistent with what they've built up. The only thing that I really can't understand is Bran being king, and I feel like he is evil in some way but there was nothing suggesting it, it is like this choice is so dumb that we are reasoning it better then what they actually thought of doing. at the end it was like the conclusion of it was "nothing really matters and it will happen again", and I feel like I wasted 8 years of my life. This show was amazing, game changing, groundbreaking and at the end it took all the slow burn storytelling and rushed it to finish it which made it a glorious failure. It is disappointing but it was a good ride up until now. Rest in peace GOT, you served us well, for the most of it..

  5. Udy Kumra

    Chris if you want to review another TV show I highly recommend Lucifer. Season 4 just came out and I think the consensus is that it's the best season yet. The third season is a little lackluster but it sets up Season 4 to drag its characters to extremes and I really love it. Also, I just think the concept is really great. It's not groundbreaking like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones but it's certainly good and fun.

  6. Bhaskar Singh

    Accept or not , every thing they teased since the season 1 (winter is coming.. winter is coming.. my butt) and received this high rating was all for nothing. Final season has the worst possible ending.Nothing explained in the end only created hype uselessly. They were using the white walkers and all that winter is coming stuff as the main obstacle for the heroes and created suspense like its something big but its nothing at all not even worth a side villain. Dont watch this show if you are more interested in the white walkers and supernatural aspects of this show like me cause the use these things when they need and never explain a thing about why it happened. Rest of the show is politics and its good. But according to me the story with just the politics does not deserve that 9.5 imdb. Die hard fans will be offended but it is what it is.

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