Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 The Iron Throne — Reaction Part 1

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19 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 The Iron Throne — Reaction Part 1

  1. Nipha Ahtlantashah

    Final analysis on Game of Thrones final episode:

    The rabid feminist cultural marxist of an outcasted clan (daenerys) enters western society (westeros) with a horde of desert savages, outsiders of lesser ideals and morals (the unsullied and dothraki). She convinces the westerners she is one of them due to skin color (i.e. the pale jew) and under the guise of liberalism and equality slaughters countless innocent westerners (citizens of kings landing etc) until a wolf of odin (john snow) knifes her through her genocidal heart.

    Then a magician bearing the triple raven banner becomes king of the westerners. (bran)

    Did a white nationalist write this?

    best ending to a show ever.

    indo-aryan is power. India, japan, and europe are power. game of thrones is the first show to depict this in a long long time

  2. Valar Dohaeris

    Drogon saw Jon holding Danerys's body and saw a knife sticking out of her.
    He then saw a pointy chair with multiple knives sticking out of it.
    He added 2+2 and concluded that probably a spare knife out of the pointy knife chair must have killed her.
    Thus, he killed the pointy chair = The Iron Throne.
    If he saw Jon killing Dany, Jon would be toast in less than a second.
    How do you explain him understanding what the Iron Throne means and all the political nuances but not understanding that eating a little boy is bad?

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