Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10 [Part 2] Reaction «The Children»

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46 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10 [Part 2] Reaction «The Children»

  1. Stephanie Vales

    This was so much fun to watch. You two are the best!
    This season was crazy good. Best season as far as consistantly strong. But there are bigger moments that brings another season above this one for me.
    I'm sure you'll know when we get there.
    Can't wait to get into the next season with you.
    Hope you guys are having a good New Year.
    Keep up all your hard work. It's definitely appreciated.

  2. Pili Colors

    The quote " I have always been your son" is to stop all the theories out there about tyrion been not son of tywin but of the mad king and being the 3rd Targarian ….. targarian always has 3 heads, there is 3 dragons….mad king made a comment about 1st night rights when tywin married…so many think he was having affair with tyrion mom. And why twin always hated him…..and why tyrion has deformities…in book he has 2 diff eyes color, his hair is more pale and he has no nose because of the war…

  3. knurdisms

    Go back and check out Varys’ testimony. He actually never says anything that was only mentioned in conversation between him and Tyrion. They were all things said in mixed company that anyone could have corroborated.

    Fun reaction guys, and you’re right, this is by far the best season of GoT. Non-stop balls to the Wall storytelling and action from start to finish.

  4. i SkyWalKing

    The brilliance in that final scene was the way the veil was lifted from Tywin's character. His mystique and brilliance was thrown out the window in an instance when it is revealed that he is fucking Chae. His image goes from one who is stoic and calculated to one who is downright disgraceful and slimy. (although we knew this, but to experience that side of him as a viewer was very effective)

    Charles Dance was possibly the best actor on the show and a perfect heel character so it hurt to see him go but I felt that the second the Chae scene was revealed it made his shameful death on the loo much easier to digest as a viewer & was very satisfying. The setting of the scene as well, so isolated and dark. Very grim & very fitting end, I love this finale.

  5. Hrundi V Bakshi

    Vizor (@19:35): "Tywin was full of shit"

    Well, yeah. That's why he was on the toilet.

    Joking aside, great reaction guys. This episode is one of my all time favourites and probably my favourite season finale. SO many epic moments.

    The Hound vs Brienne fight was so gritty and real and you don't know who to root for because you like both of these characters. I was gutted when the Hound lost and Arya left him for dead. He taught her well though; "Dead men don't need silver." I'm not into bestiality but I love the Hound.

    Then the Tyrion and Shae scene. It was emotional. A lot of people don't realise that Tyrion killed her with the very necklace he gave her back in season 2. Talk about poetic justice.

    And the Tywin and Tyrion face off. The tension in that scene was off the charts. Tyrion was completely numb after what he had just done and was almost whispering when confronting his father. Peter Dinklage's acting in general is fantastic but in this finale it was on another level. RIP Tywin Lannister. One of the best characters this show has ever seen brought to life by the amazing Charles Dance.

    Bring on Season 5

  6. demopem

    Stannis simply sailed to the north side of the wall, on the ships he got with the help of the Iron bank. It was The Red Woman who told him he had to in an earlier episode. "This war among men means nothing. The real enemy is in the north" (or something along those lines). And yes, Drogon, the black dragon has gone rouge and is causing problems, so Danny locked the other two in while she could, as a precaution.

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