Game of Thrones S8 E1 "Winterfell" — REACTION!!!

Game of Thrones S8 E1 “Winterfell” — REACTION!!!

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This video is me & Willie reacting to Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 1 … enjoy 😉

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20 thoughts on “Game of Thrones S8 E1 "Winterfell" — REACTION!!!

  1. Gwen O

    I'm so glad this is back!!!!! I wonder what John is going to do now that he knows who he is. Dany and Sansa are going to have it out. They are on the same side. Both are jealous of each other and prideful. Cersei is was and will always be a bitch. Sending someone to kill her brothers. She's not pregnant. I'm still holding out hope for Jamie and Brienne to get together. It's long overdue!!!

  2. Kelsey Decker

    My manager and I discussed it today, and we think Cersei is going through menopause. If her period stopped, she'd assume she was pregnant. But without the growth of a baby, she'd have to assume what's happening to her. Hence the wine and the pseudo-tears when Euron suggested he would put a baby in her belly.

  3. Schismatic

    I don't think Cersei's actually pregnant. She tells Jamie she's pregnant in 7×5. For her to know she's pregnant, she'd have to be about a month along. That's about the time Jon and his crew arrive in Eastwatch. From then until the Dragon Pit meeting is theoretically about a week. If the Unsullied started marching for Winterfell immediately, that's 25 miles a day for 60 days (1500 miles.) That's assuming no delays which, considering weather, is kind of a leap. So from the time she told Jamie she's pregnant to 8×1 would have to be at least two months, and realistically more like three months. In other words, she should have a baby bump by now, especially considering she's had children before.

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