Game of Thrones 7×1 REACTION! «Dragonstone»

Game of Thrones Reaction — Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Reaction «Dragonstone» — Game of Thrones 7×1 Reaction — Game of Thrones Reaction 7×1 — Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Reaction

It its Time!! Game of Thrones has finally returned! lets Begin with Game of Thrones 7×1! «Dragonstone» Reaction — Season 7 Episode 1

Only the allowed 10 minutes of show footage was used in this Game of Thrones reaction video «Dragonstone» 7×1

I hope you enjoy the reaction video to Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 «Dragonstone» 7×1

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    Oh Baby it's time!!!! What a premiere!! Game of Thrones is Back!!

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  2. Drygin Baelish

    season 7 will be so cool 🙂 welcome to my season 7 list 🙂
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  3. IamXhedo

    Sansa is annoying, but she's right too. They are both right. Both ways could work with the men of the north. And the fact that Jon is being so good about it, makes me worried. Those are the reasons, as Sansa said, why Robb and Ned were killed. Jon fucked up once for not listening to Sansa, and he might again. So, come on, guy. Dont be so hard on Sansa. She has learned, mostly, from her enemies.

  4. Purgamiento

    Hello Im and greetings from Greece. After a couple of years of watching GoT reactions, it is more than safe by now to say that you are one of the very few people around that comes so close (at least on pure but sophisticated emotion) to what this series represents to me. It is almost as if we are friends to me! So, with all my heart keep going! I have been waiting for your reaction in that last scene. This scene is in my perspective such a big deal for various reasons. Emilia Clarke did her homework indeed. For moments, I could almost see in her eyes Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters arriving in that very same place 300 years ago and establishing everything!! Also, as you said in the reaction, it is as if the dragons could sense that this is their ancestors' home as well. Last but not least, we should point out a little bit more the significance of this scene for book fans; after all many of them have been waiting for this moment almost 21 years…

    P.S. Euron reminding us of Jaime's legendary fighting skills during his prime years was so bittersweet.

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