Game Grumps Funny Moments: Majora’s Mask

Could we just have a moment of silence for my old Hp Laptop that took it’s last mechanical breath yesterday……………………………………………………………………………thanks. Please enjoy the video while I go bury my PC.

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34 thoughts on “Game Grumps Funny Moments: Majora’s Mask


    arin was really making me mad during this series. he wasnt trying and let down his fans who were excited to see a game they like on game grumps but arin kept crapping on the game because he wasnt good at it. i really wish he got his crap together for this so that he and the fans could have been happy with this series. unfortunate to say the least

  2. Shane Frey

    Yeeeaah in retrospect the game does look like garbage. It still kinda looks like garbage on the 3ds too, they didn't put any effort into properly rehashing the game they really just updated some of the character models and maaaaybe some of the environments. They didn't a great job with the controls though so points for that. If you're gonna redo a game that has such a huge following, you're gonna really need to step it up, like with SquareEnix and Final Fantasy 7. It's a complete overhaul, and it looks fantastic even though it isn't finished yet. All and all, I still liked this game. Just really tired of the facelifts.

  3. AceFailure

    I don't know about arin but i always find old graphics funny and charming. I love the old green screen affects from 80's movies and it shows the progression of the technology from only 40 years ago to what we have today. Yeah, i see what he means in it looking silly but that's kinda the charm of old things.

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